Lunch Event Menu

All dishes are served in the center of the table


Hot frena served with salads


Entrees For Selection

“Chraime fish bass”– Spicy sauce of chickpeas

“Fried Fish Fillets”– In Shermolla sauce

Meat cigar – hand-made stuffed with spicy beef

Veal Sweetbreads & Shpondra Cigar

“La tomat”– A pan of tomatoes with garlic, eggplant and French fries

“Chraime fish bass”– Spicy sauce of chickpeas

“Fried Fish Fillets”- In Shermolla sauce


Main dishes for selection:


Hamozie’s Mixture – Mixture of grilled meats (inner parts shpondra& pullet)

“Bullet”– Algiers crispy meat balls with cooked cabbage in a pan

Tagine chicken – grilled with peppers and garlic confit

Veal Sweetbreads & Shpondra Cigar

Chicken Salad and Antipasti

Disused roast stew – in onion sauce, raisins and fried eggplant cubes

Hummus shawarma – Fried chicken and onion on homemade chickpeas and blush




2 – Different types of Extras, Variables every day.

Leaves Salad- with honey mustard & olive oil dressing

Or Vegetables Salad – Chopped vegetables salad with black olives




Selection of desserts “Hamotzi” – Miriam’s special semolina cake

Hot drinks to choose from – mint tea \ black coffee

Soft drinks – Orange juice \ Lemonade \ Grapefruit \ Soda \ Water


Price per person:

Lunch menu – to choose from: 3 starters + 3 mains – 160 NIS

Upgraded menu – to choose from: 4 starters + 3 mains – 170 NIS

Premium menu – to choose from: 4 starters + 4 mains – 180 NIS


*The price includes VAT.
*service not included
*The menu is served until 17:00
*You can add a glass of wine or beer plus 15 per person