Evening Menu



Old City style platter of salads and house bagel – Vegan – 24 NIS

Super spicy beef cigar and green tahini – 42 NIS

Avi’s humous with chickpeas, olive oil and pita – Vegan – 41 NIS

Avi’s humous with fried hot peppers and pita – Vegan – 41 NIS

Market vegetable salad – Vegan – 46 NIS

Roasted pepper salad, garlic confit with Moroccan oil and vegetables – Vegan – 44 NIS

Salad of lettuce, peppers, and toasted almonds in vinaigrette – Vegan – 44 NIS

Summer salad – Grape tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, chickpeas and mint in vinaigrette – Vegan – 44 NIS




Algerian Maakoud – leek and potato pie – Vegetarian – 49 NIS

Choufleur – fried cauliflower in tahini and homemade harissa – Vegetarian – 56 NIS

Skillet of tomatos, garlic, eggplant and potatos – 58 NIS




Cigar filled with veal sweetbreads and beef ribs – 69 NIS

Fish in chermoula – fried fish fillet in Algerian piquant sauce – 69 NIS

Fish patties in spicy tomato, garlic and cilantro sauce – 69 NIS

Humous and shwarma – homemade humous and spring – 69 NIS

Chicken pastille with almonds and saffron – 71 NIS


Main Courses


Spicy salmon chreimeh

Hamotzi’s mixed grill – spring chicken, short ribs, spleen, and veal sweetbreads – 79 NIS

Boulettes – Crispy Algerian meatballs with cabbage and steamed onion – 71 NIS

Fresh chicken breast salad with antipasti – 72 NIS

Fresh chicken breast in homemade harissa with bonfire potatoes – 72 NIS

Entrecote moufleta with caramelized onion – 89 NIS

Grilled spring chicken and roasted peppers in Moroccan oil – 85 NIS

Tffiya Araias – pita stuffed with lamb and lemon confit – 79 NIS

Spring chicken in lamb fat, burgul, tahini and sumac

Kebab in pickled mango (amba) and tahini, with green salad and grilled potatoes

Stone-oven roasted baby lamb kebab siniya with potatoes in piquant sauce – 84 NIS

Grilled fresh fish fillet in “Friday night sauce” – 82 NIS

Portobello mushrooms stuffed with piquant baby lamb – 79 NIS




Warka – cigar leaves with vanilla coconut cream and ice cream – 31 NIS

Pistachio and zabane cigar – 28 NIS

Yo Yo –Algerian cookies filled with almonds coated in coconut – 28 NIS

Moufleta in almond cream and honey