Hamotzi Evening Event Menu

Evening Event Menu

All dishes are served in the center of the table


Hot frena served with salads


Entrees For Selection:
Salmon “Chraime” –  fresh salmon in spicy “chreineh” sauce
“Fried Fish Fillets”– In Shermolla sauce
Meat cigar – hand-made stuffed with spicy beef
Cigar fillet with veal sweetbreads and beef ribs – extra 10 nis person
“Quara Dil Khut” – fish balls in a spicy algerian sauce
Roasted eggplant – with olive oil and chopped walnuts – vegan
 Algerian “Maakud”– leek and potato pie – vegetarian
“Shufflaur” – Fried Cauliflower on Tahini & Homemade Arisa
“Our Hummus”– Homemade hummus wipe, grains and
Hummus – with fried hot pepper
“Agadir mix”
– fresh fish mixed grill with tahini and “amba” sauce
Antipasti – roasted vegetable and cauliflower
Market salad – eith fresh vagetables and cauliflower flowers

2 – Different types of Extras, Variables every day.
Leaves Salad– with honey mustard & olive oil dressing
Or Vegetables Salad – Chopped vegetables salad with black olives

Main dishes for selection:
Hamozie’s Mixture – Mixture of grilled meats (inner parts shpondra& pullet)
“Bullet”– Algiers crispy meat balls with cooked cabbage in a pan
Grilled spring chicken – and roasted peppes
Entrecote “moufltea” – with crarmelized onion – extra 25nis person
Spring chicken “mufflette” – cherry tomatoes basil sauce – extra 10nis person
Roast stew – onion sauce, raisins and cranberries
Chicken Salad and Antipasti – Roasted vegetables
Sprink chicken pastille with almonds and saffron
Hummus and “shawarma” – spring chicken “shwarma” with homemade hummus
Goose liver sping – extra 25 NIS per person


Selection of desserts “Hamotzi” – Miriam’s special semolina cake
Hot drinks to choose from – mint tea \ black coffee
Soft drinks – Orange juice \ Lemonade \ Grapefruit \ Soda \ Water


Price per person:
Evening menu – to choose from: 3 starters + 3 mains – 190 NIS
Premium menu – to choose from: 4 starters + 4 mains + A bottle of wine for 10 people – 210 NIS


*The price includes VAT.
*service not included
*You can add a glass of wine or beer plus 15 per person